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abtJAZAL Engineering and Contracting L.L.C is a UAE based venture having offices in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, with professionally dedicated technical people who focus their destinations in zenith and mould dreams into reality. As a contracting organization the purpose that worked behind the establishment was to give best service facilities applying most effective technologies emerged recently in the respective fields. We are always prudent to maintain a strategy of stimulating our people with constructive motivations in order to face intricate circumstances. We firmly believe that only such planned and practiced tactics can endure the path we chose.

From the very first instance of its establishment, the company has been contributing till date a great deal of professionalism in various projects through its wide experience at various activities related to General contracting, Electromechanical works, fit out and interior works and Facility Management Services.

We intend to provide excellent contracting services by constantly meeting the client’s requirements of time, cost and quality, while maintaining a clean and safe work environment, through continuous product and process innovation, improvement and training.

We believe in the fact that excellent cooperation always paved the way of achievement to the ambitious goals and generated opportunities for alignment with prestigious partners inside UAE and guarantee for continuous high quality. We are confident of going ahead as a rejuvenating force in the field.

Our multi-field experience has enabled us to face the different challenges and serious economic fluctuations in the near past. The performance by competent and trustworthy staff devoted for the improvement and development of the company has kept us on the right track of achieving our goals. We will always be responsible to keep the ethics of business with our esteemed customers and will remain as quoin of the company policy.